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Introduction is a site devoted to automotive performance and is currently maintained by Tanner Schlientz, Thanos Pantazis and Dean Hantzis. Its purpose is to provide a central data base of real world performance parameters and information, not potentially false or misleading manufacturer’s claims. Founded in 2001 by Dean Hantzis and Thanos Pantazis, the site has been completely re-designed and we are working with dyno shops across the country to obtain high quality, consistent, and accurate dyno runs offering an unprecedented amount of information and capability. Dynoperformance provides our visitors with real world information. All our data comes straight off the dyno and directly into our d-base, so there is not one person in the path to tamper with it. After all, it’s what’s hitting the pavement that matters.

The Data Base: Horse Power, Torque, and More…
The central feature of Dynoperformance is its unique horse power and torque data base. This d-base is populated by dyno results supplied by The Dyno Shop in Santee California, Swanson Performance in Torrance California, New England Dyno and Tuning in Worcester Massachusetts, and Main Street Speed and Sound in Maryland. The important thing is that these are real world numbers, not manufacturer’s claims. We have collected them ourselves. This is what your car actually puts down to the pavement. What also makes this d-base unique is that it does not just list the max horse power and torque. The entire curves are displayed over the whole RPM range using our newly redesigned graphs. The consistency and accuracy of the dyno runs is critical. Since we get our data from top notch facilities that all use the same model dyno, we are able to provide consistent, repeatable, and reliable data that is complete with environmental parameters and advanced information like air/fuel ratios for the whole RPM range. The user has complete flexibility in searching and can even compare two runs on the same graph, either from the same car or completely different cars. All data is presented in the same, clear, easy to use format, so there is no converting back and forth. To make comparisons easier, you can display the plots in either bar or line graph formats.

Left Image: Horsepower/Torque Graph Example
Right Image : Air Fuel Ratio Graph Example

Message Board Community Forum
Dynoperformance is pleased to offer registered users access to the message board. This community forum is an ideal place to discuss and debate dyno results, new cars on the market, performance parts, and technical issues. Within the forum the message board displays members' auto profiles. If you have a question, this is the perfect place to ask it because our members share a wealth of knowledge and experience. Get ready for some heated debates, because you will hear all opinions in these forums.

The Article section is designed to give visitors a more detailed look into modifications and their impact on dyno results. They typically revolve around dyno runs taken before and after a modification and analyze what that mod actually did for performance and whether that gain (or loss) was worth the money. All articles are carefully reviewed to include only the facts about the dyno runs and mods. You get results, not speculation. A new series of articles are now being released that discuss the technical aspects of performance (e.g. relationship between horse power and torque) and are a great reference. Check this section frequently, because new articles appear often. It’s Free and Fun!
Dynoperformance will tell you what your car can really do and what to realistically expect from a particular modification. Remember, an aftermarket supplier can claim a particular horse power and torque increase, but will you actually see it? That’s why Dynoperformance is a critical resource, it’s your auto performance watchdog. We have no affiliation with any after market or auto manufacturer, so all information provided to you is unbiased and accurate.

Although any visitor can search the data base and read the articles, only members can tap the knowledge of our community forum participants. If you have not joined already, do it now and share your experience with what is becoming the stop on the net for automotive performance.


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