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Automotive Aftermarket False Advertising
Why do automotive aftermarket companies falsely claim that their parts will give your car high horsepower gains? Because up until now, no one has challenged their claims with real dyno data. will put an end to false advertising by providing the automotive enthusiast direct access to our dyno results. And, as many know, "The Dyno does not lie."

Awhile back, a leading manufacturer of performance air filters was advertising that their replacement air filters give a 10% increase in horsepower. For the general automotive enthusiast owning a 200hp-350hp vehicle, a 10% horsepower gain equates to a 20-35hp gain. Gaining 20-35 hp by simply changing your air filter with a high performance one is obviously unrealistic. Typically, most V8 Muscle cars like Corvettes, Mustangs and Camaros gain 1-3hp.

One of our goals is to disclose the truth about real performance gains to help auto enthusiasts make the right choices when purchasing parts. Browse through our article and comparison sections, which will help you make a better decision when purchasing aftermarket parts.

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