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MAC Catback Exhaust on 1997 Ford Mustang Cobra

A baseline dyno run, then the installation of one performance part, then a new dyno run and all done on the same dyno. This is what we love to see at and that is exactly what we have with this 1997 Ford Mustang Cobra with the MAC Cat-back Exhaust with 2.5Ē Tips. The baseline run consisted of only one modification, a two-cat gutted h-pipe. This configuration produced 247 RWHP. Then only the MAC Cat-back was added, and as we can see, 10 RWHP gain. Amazing what a free flowing exhaust will do.

What I like in particular about this system is that the entire power curve increases over the whole RPM range. Often times you get great improvement at the low end and then very little gain up top. If anything you want it the other way around. In racing applications, you spend very little time at 2000 rpm. However, 4000 rpm and up sees a lot of use. This Cobra has exactly that, itís biggest gains up top. Between 4500 and 6500 rpm you see a solid 10 RWHP and TRQ. Itís gains in your TRQ band that improve the performance of your car. When you are launching at a ľ mile strip, whether you have 250 or 260 HP is not going to matter too much. But, once you are moving and have traction, it matters a lot. TRQ on the top end wins races, and that is what you get with the MAC.

Letís look at another example to illustrate why the top end is important. Take a 2002 BMW M5 and a CL600 Mercedes-Benz. Both cars have the same 0-60 mph, about 4.8 sec. But the ľ mile is a different story. Because the Benz has 590 lb-ft of torque vs. the BMW 370, it kills it with a time of 12.4 sec. Vs. 13.1sec. It made no difference that the Benz had this power in the 0-60, but once it was moving and in the torque band, bye bye.

Back to the exhaust. Some may be wondering how much this system costs. Most places charge around $300, but sells it for an unbelievable low price of $265. This is a great deal for an exhaust that gives you 10 RWHP. Many exhaust systems cost above $800 and only give you <5 HP. In some cases I have seen exhausts loose power over stock. This is a great bang for the buck in performance and look. The 2.5Ē Tips dress up the back of this Cobra nicely and give it a nice sound also.

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