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Magnaflow Tru-X Crossover Pipe with High-Flow Cats (1997 Ford Mustang Cobra)

We all know how bad cats are in terms of robbing power. Unfortunately we canít remove them if we want to pass inspection. Fortunately, there is a solution. The Magnaflow Tru-X Crossover Pipe with integrated high-flow cats. According to Magnaflow, the cats contain a flow-efficient ceramic catalyst, ribbed body for strength, and a funnel inlet and outlet for smooth exhaust flow. The stock 1997 Cobra setup consists of two cats and two resonators. On this 1997 Cobra we had the resonators gutted but were never sure of any performance gain. That mod was more for the sound. Now, we are completely removing the stock h-pipe with the Ford cats and resonators and replacing them with this well manufactured Magnaflow system. Additional mods on this car were MAC induction and cat-back exhaust.

As you can see from the graph, this $380 mod did quite a bitó10 rwhp. Some had complained in the past that this system, while improving the top end, actually reduced the low end torque. We did not find that with this car. The graph shows a nice smooth increase across the whole rpm band. Not only that, but at 4k rpm we see a 20 ft-lb increase in torque. That is something you feel in the seat of your pants. We should also note that this car is currently pinging. If you look at the a/f ratios of these runs you will see that they are far from ideal. This car is running very rich right now . Once we get that sorted out this car will probably pick up another 10 hp or so. Regardless, that does not take away from the gains of the Tru-X Crossover Pipe.

Itís truly amazing what a little better flow will do. It would be interesting to see what this setup would do for the 03 Cobras. Forced Induction systems tend to benefit more from exhaust related mods than naturally aspirated engines. This 97 Cobra has pretty much covered all the most common intake and exhaust mods. This Magnaflow system turned out to be well worth it. The combination of the Tru-X Crossover Pipe design with the high-flow cats gave us a nice 10 hp increase. If you have already done exhaust, then you have to add this. Youíll feel it.

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